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Gap Year Abroad

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Only Three Weeks

I have been in Chile for three weeks, and this country is beautiful, I love it! People who live here are amazing. My first impression of the Chilenos, was that they have pride in their country and have a sense of friendliness that is hard to find. These three weeks have passed by very quickly, as I begin to know the city of Viña Del Mar, and where I belong in all this chaos I call my life at the moment.

I am living with a family for the next six months, and  as I  get to know them more and more each day, the more I love them.  live with my mother, her name is Maru, and her daughter (Francesca) who is sixteen years, and her other son (Christopher) who is thirteen years old. Maru has another son who is twenty two, but he works, and does not live with us. I'll tell you a little more about them!

I'll start with Maru, my mother here in Chile. Maru works at an insurance company, and loves shopping, which is a great thing! We go to the mall at least three times a week!  Each morning makes lunch for everybody. Fran, Cristobal and me. Along with dinner, even if she is not there! Maru is loving and hardworking, she treats me like one of her own. She puts her family first before anything else. She always knows what to say when you need someone to talk to. This family is very close, but very welcoming at the same time.

Fran is the typical sixteen year old girl!  She spends time with her ​​friends after school and I can hear them laughing in my bedroom! She is very smart and always helps me with my Spanish, she calls me her “hermana gringa”  She is just like her mother, compassionate and sincere.

Finally Cristobal, he is in eighth grade, and his only love is handball! He is so cute! He is always joking, he loves cursing in English, because he knows that I understand, but his mother doesn’t.

Overall, my stay in Chile has been positive! I went to Valparaiso three times  and I love to explore Vina with friends. However, it feels like a vacation, and sometimes I forget that this is my life for the next few months! , but I know I'll have an amazing time with my family and new friends!

I have started classes, and am beginning to have a regular routine here in Chile! I have made so many new friends, some international and some who have lived in Chile their entire lives! The classes are just like the spanish classes in the states, except everyone actually speaks in Spanish while in class.

I am starting my volunteering this week, at the hospital for disabled children and the elderly. I am very excited to start, and really finalize my schedule! I think the most difficult part was in the beginning trying to register for classes at the University here along with getting situated in a new country! After about three weeks, classes have started, and volunteering has started and now I have a routine. That makes it easier to handle the culture shock of moving to a different country for a semester!

Yesterday, there was an earthquake! It was the first one that I have ever been in! It wasnthuge, but just like the movies when evrything in the kitchen falls, it was exactly like that! It was so exciting! I will be attatching pictures on this post, if I can figure out how!  The pictures here are from three weeks, new friends and places! I will be writing more frequently now, because my life has calmed down a little!


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