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Gap Year Abroad

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A month in Chile, and I finally feel like I belong! I have learned all the cultural cues that I need to know, for example; when greeting people, a kiss to the cheek for everyone in the room! It takes a lot longer to start a conversation because every person who comes in, has to get a kiss! I like it though, its more community based than a simple handshake. I have my routine set here, and I can get around fairly well! Although, this week classes were on a different schedule because of the recent earthquake here in Vina!

I now know the true definition of adrenaline rush, this earthquake “temblor” here was crazy! I was just laying in bed, and the bed started shaking and things in the kitchen started falling off the shelves, it was just like the movie! It didn't last very long at all, but i was shaking after, but it was so much fun!

After, everyone checked in on eachother! It was awesome to see all the neighbors yelling up the stairs “ is everyone okay?” and all the extended family calling to check in! It really shows the sense of community here in Chile, it is incredible!

The earthquake actually caused damage on some of the buildings here, the University building that I take my classes at, has been closed all week because the second floor ceilings feel in! I have had classes at two different campuses around the city this week, but it has been interesting to take classes at other campuses!

I have lots of pictures, and I don't know if they are connecting to my posts, but I will try my best! I'll keep updating all you guys back home!

- Ciao!


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