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Gap Year Abroad

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Here it is again, that scary sometimes unsettling, inevitable feeling. Change.

I have exactly 7 days left here in Chile and I am definitely feeling the change that’s about to occur. Last Friday my program had a goodbye lunch with all the CIEE kids and some host family members. I had my final week of classes this past week, and next week exams start. I had a really delicious goodbye lunch with my family and some of my mom’s friends on Wednesday. And I have to figure out a time to head to the money exchange to convert some money into Soles because I am going to Peru!! No, I haven’t started packing yet, but that is next on my list. I have a lot of mixed feelings. As much as I love it here, after hearing about all the Thanksgiving adventures I really miss home and the people I’ve been away from for so long. At the same time I’ve developed a comfortable rhythm and some wonderful relationships and don’t want to leave this beautiful country that I’ve been exploring, growing, and learning in these past four and a half months. From the concert in Santiago I’m going to this weekend to the wine tour next week as well as exams, I know this next week is going to fly by, and I will be on the plane before I know it. I am trying to balance my desire for time to freeze so I can enjoy every last moment I have left with my excitement for future adventures, and it’s a tough balance to achieve. I have learned so much over the past four and a half months I’ve spent in Chile, and I am going to dearly miss so much.

Just to rattle off a few things:

  • My yoga teacher
  • My yoga studio
  • Anita, my nanny
  • My walk to school
  • Living 7 minutes from the beach
  • Gatitos
  • The live music in the street and on the metro
  • The feeling of successfully riding an incredibly crowded micro
  • Tea talk with my mom and sister
  • Laughing to myself as I hear my brother yell at his videogames
  • The kids at Paul Harris Elementary School  
  • Anita’s lentil and garbanzo soups
  • My culture and communications teacher
  • Bogarín juice café  
  • My Chilean amigos
  • My gringo amigos
  • The palm trees
  • Muelle Vergara Park
  • My mom calling me Elenita
  • The beautiful Chilean mountains
  • Speaking in Spanish
  • 8 dollar bus tickets to Santiago
  • 10 dollar 3 course meals 

Ciao for now! 



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