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Gap Year Abroad

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The City of Gaudí

After getting off the train we took the metro to our hostel. Unfortunately, we walked the wrong way after we got off the metro, but we eventually found it.

After we ate breakfast and showered we went on the free walking tour offered by our hostel. It was extremely informative. Our guide was awesome. He was born in Germany, but he is actually Swedish. He has lived in Spain for seven years. He studied engineering in school, but we always thought it was a bit boring. Since he has always loved history he decided to turn a hobby into his job and become a tour guide.

We walked down las Ramblas and drank from a special fountain. The reason this fountain is special is because if you drink from this fountain you will return to Barcelona. I actually had a bit of trouble with this since the spigot I tried to drink from wasn’t working. Luckily we passed by this fountain later…so I will most certainly be returning to Barcelona in the future. 

We were also shown the gothic quarter, the cathedral, and we even learned a few words in Catalán. We ended the tour at travelbar, which was funny since my brother had actually recommended that place to me.

After passing through El Boquerria, the famous market in Barcelona we got some lunch. Then it was back to the hostel to check in and take a quick nap.

We all felt a bit more refreshed after napping and so we made our way to Parque Guell. Although I’ve been here when I nine, I barely remembered it. It is extremely impressive. For those of you who don’t know, the park was designed by Antoni Gaudí.  It is one of the largest architectural works in southern Europe.It isalso part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ”Works of Antoni Gaudí”.


After admiring the beautiful work of Gaudí we attempted to find the metro. It took us a while but we eventually found it. We were planning on eating dinner at La Xampaneria, a place my brother had recommended, but we had trouble finding it so we decided to go for lunch the next day. We ended up stumbling upon an adorable little bar cafe with empanadas and delicious pizza.

After dinner everyone was ready to call it a night since we were all still a bit tired from traveling.


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