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Gap Year Abroad

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A Masterpiece in progress

On Tuesday morning we checked out of the hostel, got a delicious breakfast of bagels(my first bagel in three months!) and made our way to the Sagrada Familia.

As I mentioned before, I was in Barcelona when I was nine years old, so I have seen the Sagrada Familia before, although I barely remember it. A lot of work has also been done on it since then.

It truly is an amazing piece of architecture. Our tour guide yesterday had suggested we buy a ticket that includes the audio-guide, and I’m so glad we did.

Not only is the inside of this building stunning, but admiring it from the outside is just as amazing.

The cathedral has three facades. The Nativity facade to the East, the Passion facade to the West, and the Glory façade to the South (this one is still being completed). Each one is extremely different and tells its own story.


Even before you enter the cathedral you notice the influence of nature in the design of the building. Gaudí was a very religious man and he believed God was found in nature. “The Great Book, always open and which we should make an effort to read, is that of Nature”.

The columns in the church are designed to look like trees. The light that enters was planned so perfectly. Gaudí believed too much light was bad, yet not enough light would make the church too somber. Although some things are unfinished inside the church, it truly is an amazing masterpiece. It is projected to be done anywhere from 2020-2040 so I’ll definitely have to go back and see it when it’s completed.

Here are a few more facts about La Sagrada Familia

After admiring the cathedral from the outside for a while we set off to find the Xampanyeria. We found it this time, although it took some time. But it was definetly worth it.

When we first arrived there were no seats, but we were content to stand at the bar. We ordered some tapas while we waited. Everything we ordered was absolutely amazing. When we finally did sit, we decided to continue to order tapas. We stayed for about two and a half hours. The atmosphere in that place was great, and we had some great discussions.

Since our gap year is coming to an end, we have all been thinking about what it will be like to go home. It’s definitely going to be strange. The end of my gap year is such a significant event in my life(way more significant that graduating High School) that I almost don’t know how to end it. Nor do I want to.

After lunch we went back to the hostel to get our luggage and then took the metro to the airport. It was a fun weekend, but it felt kind of strange. I’ve gotten so used to traveling around this year that it felt so normal to go from Sevilla to madrid and then Barcelona and then back to Sevilla. It’s also strange knowing this wonderful experience is soon coming to an end.


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