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Gap Year Abroad

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Me gustas tu - music

Hello, everyone. Although I haven't made an official blog post in quite awhile, I figured I'd take the time to talk about an important subject for us- school.

Ain't nobody fresher than my Clic.. (sorry I had to)

The other gap students and I all go to school at CLIC. It's a language school specifically, and they have many different levels of classes and activities to do to help you with your spanish. For example, you can do an intercambio, or meet with a native sevillano, and talk to them in english for an hour and then Spanish. I did this two days ago, and had a blast with my intercambio. His name is Javier and his first question for me was - "how do you use "dude" in a sentence?!" Intercambios are great for meeting native speakers and bettering your Spanish, so luckily for us, Clic does a terrific job of arranging the intercambios.

    Additionally, there are what my professor refers to as "speed-dates," basically just weekly meetings with a jumble of nationalities, German, English, American, Japanese, Korean, Australian, etc. where everyone tries to meet as many people as they can.. I haven't been yet but they sound awesome. Speaking of greatness, I've been really impressed by our classes at Clic.
We start class at 9:15, have just enough time during break to run and grab sandwiches from Sur, and then second class starts at 12 and we get out at 1, so not too bad if you ask me! Although my classes in Chile were interesting and challenging in terms of my vocab and general understanding of literature, my classes here are definitely better for improving my grammar and the technicalities of Spanish. My teacher, Adrian, is an extremely patient teacher, and I love it when we break from grammar to study songs. He's the only teacher I've ever had who's called me by my full name, however, but perhaps it's better because many people here call me Mary on accident instead of Maddy- so I'm okay using Madeleine for class! He's a salsa dancer, and always puts on the best background music when we're working in class, but I especially like it when we learn from songs- everything from Shakira to Manu Chao to Silvio Rodriguez. I've put the link up above from an 8 tracks mix you guys mightlike... many of which we've listened to in class. 



Maya and I during a class fieldtrip





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